Accounting online 2020/2021: what it means, how much does it cost, and answers to other key questions

Many clients or those interested in our services ask if we can provide accounting, payroll and taxes online. The answer is yes, of course! We’ve been providing accounting online since 2012.
These days, accounting can be 99% online, which is suitable for almost every client. The individual phases of online accounting then proceed roughly as follows:


Working with us

So that we can submit a service offer and price, we’d need to know a few details about your company and, of course, your ideas and requirements. A video call is just as helpful as a face-to-face meeting. We can use MS Teams, Skype, Zoom, or any other software you use.


Signing a contract

Cooperation is, of course, based primarily on trust, but putting it in writing is of course important too. We can sign the contract electronically in the traditional way, i.e. print, sign and scan, or we can use an electronic signature from the 1st Certification Authority (a Czech electronic signature provider).


Taking over accounting from a previous accountant

Financial statements, tax returns, document inventory, database backup: all of these can be submitted electronically.


Routine cooperation

You can use either storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) or e-mail to transfer documents. We’ll create special e-mail addresses for clients to send us documents; the e-mails are sent to our employees responsible for particular clients. Payroll documents can also be sent by e-mail or via the software repository. Our outputs, such as pay-slips, are sent by e-mail, as are tax returns or financial statements. Payment orders can then be uploaded directly to the bank or sent by e-mail.


Access to accounting software

Are you used to having access to accounting software? Or maybe you haven’t used it but would like to? We’ve been offering clients online access to Pohoda and other programmes since 2012.They can then choose whether to view the results or work together on accounting matters, such as issuing invoices, entering incoming invoices, or running a cash book.


When you need to discuss something

Someone is available to talk to at any time. We’ll take care of your company matters, allocating a specific person to your firm. You’ll be able to contact them whenever you need, by phone or e-mail. If they’re not available, there will always be someone to represent them. And if you need to talk about more confidential matters, such as tax optimization or labour costs,  we offer secure encrypted calls via Skype, WhatsApp or Viber.


Sometimes, some materials need to be handed over in person

You can’t e-mail a whole folder of material or scan 200 cash receipts. If you don’t have time or don’t want to meet personally, this is where our courier service comes in. It costs up to CZK 200 in Prague, and we can rely on receiving the documents within two hours.

If you just want to meet face to face.

We’d be happy to meet you in our pleasant office in Prague (at Florenc metro station)!


It sounds great – but how much more expensive is online accounting than standard accounting services?

Online accounting is never more expensive than “traditional” accounting! In addition, we provide attractive discounts to clients who wish to work with us and use the accounting software (see point 5). Such services are therefore even cheaper than their offline equivalents.


EIBD, s.r.o. has considerable experience in online accounting. If you’re considering changing your accounting service provider, we’d be happy to offer a price quote. Write to us, or call Luděk Barták on 603 937 736, e-mail: