About EIBD

EIBD has been providing accounting services in Prague since 2004.

Luděk Barták and Vladimír Škrlant founded the company in 2004, after both gained sufficient enough experience in accounting and finance, mostly at international corporations. Since then, we’ve been growing and helping our clients face the new challenges that business always brings.

We provide our clients not only with basic care of their accounting and tax matters, but also comprehensive advice on taking advantage of business opportunities and minimizing risks. If problems arise or there are “skeletons in the cupboard”, we would be happy to help you with such matters too.

We’re members of the International Association of Financial Managers (IAFM), which monitors the quality and professionalism of services provided. Proof of our quality work our client clients, which already includes more than 350 companies, from sole proprietors to multinational corporations in various industries.

Since 2012, we’ve also been offering clients online accounting, i.e. the option to connect to accounting software, use information from it, enter data and, if necessary, to integrate your operating software with your accounting software. This takes partnership with an accounting firm to a whole new level.