Accounting, payroll and taxes

We’ll look after your accounting, tax, payroll and other administrative matters, the easiest way for you to use our services. For a monthly flat fee, all your accounting and tax issues will be taken care of. We also offer an online accounting option,

Accounting, tax optimization, and human resources needn’t be complicated or expensive, if you have the right partner. At EIBD, we’ll always do 100% so that you can concentrate fully on your business, so we’ll take care of all your tax and accounting issues.

You may be surprised to discover that the monthly fee for a package of services doesn’t need to cost a lot. For small companies, it starts at CZK 2,750 per month, including annual financial statements, tax returns and ongoing consultancy services. We’ve been operating since 2004 and currently have more than 350 clients, from sole traders to branches of multinational companies in various industries.

Our services include the following:

  • Accounting and tax services, payroll and human resources management;
  • Registration and submission of VAT returns, reports for tax inspections, summary reports (VIES) and Intrastat;
  • Producing all reports for the Czech Statistical Office;
  • Representing your company in inspections: tax authority, social security administration and health insurance companies;
  • Regular accounting outputs (balance sheet, income statement, receivables and payables, management accounts and any other reports, depending on your requirements and needs);
  • Establishment and liquidation of companies;
  • Reconstruction of accounting should documents be lost, and resolution of other problems
  • Communication and accounting outputs in English;
  • Auditor verification of financial statements (also in line with IFRS);
  • We also offer the same services in Slovakia, all with one contact person in Prague or Bratislava, depending on your choice.

From our Prague and Bratislava offices we also operate online accounting services, i.e. with the option to connect to our accounting software. You’ll find us in Prague 8, by Florenc metro station, beside the Hilton hotel.

Should you be interested in our offer, please contact us by e-mail or phone, or fill out the form to obtain a price quote. We’d be delighted to discuss working with you.